Transforming Healthcare with Generative AI.


Nimbus Healthcare was developed to streamline the workflow of healthcare providers, aiming to improve patient care and administrative processes. This system is a comprehensive solution for patients who want to lead a healthy lifestyle but also overcome the traditional barriers of cost, time, and limited provider availability.

The challenge

The software encountered performance issues, occasional downtime, security vulnerabilities, and automating issues which necessitated a dedicated maintenance approach.

Our focus

Our focus was to adopt a proactive maintenance strategy by scheduling routine updates to address, introducing new features requested by users, bugs, and enhancing performance.

We conducted a thorough performance analysis to identify bottlenecks and optimise speed and responsiveness which includes database tuning, code optimization, and implementing caching mechanisms.

We implemented a robust backup and recovery system to minimise downtime in case of unexpected issues, schedule maintenance windows during off-peak hours to perform updates, and minimise disruptions to users.


‍The response time significantly improved leading to increased user satisfaction and productivity among users. Proactive maintenance and scheduled updates minimised unplanned downtime, allowing healthcare professionals consistent access to patient information. The software has successfully transformed medical software into a reliable, secure, and high-performance solution.


This case highlights the importance of ongoing maintenance in the dynamic healthcare technology landscape, ensuring that Nimbus continues to meet the evolving needs of users.

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