Pioneering Membership Management System for Healthcare Organizations


Medical associations and societies often grapple with the complexity of managing memberships efficiently. A360 aims to address these challenges by offering a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed specifically for the unique needs of medical organizations.

The challenge

The manual processing of memberships was time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies in handling membership applications, renewals, and associated administrative tasks. The lack of specialized software left organizations without a proper solution to meet their specific requirements.

Our focus

Our team designed enhanced software for automated membership workflows to simplify tasks such as membership application processing, renewals, and certificate generation and reduce the administrative burden on association staff.

Our team focused on leveraging a powerful cloud infrastructure to ensure secure and scalable storage providing medical associations with a reliable platform for managing sensitive membership data.

We also addressed the need for effective event management, facilitating timely updates, and contributing to the smooth promotion of medical association events.


OMAS (Online Membership Application System)

OMAS excels in facilitating the membership application review process and optimizing the workflow for effective evaluations. The system provides enhanced features for generating payment reports, allowing organizations to track and analyze payment data for improved financial insights. OMAS stands out by offering customizable approval workflows that are catered to their specific needs.

MPDMS (Member Profile Database Management System)

This advanced platform is designed to centralize and optimize data management processes across various domains. MPDMS offers organizations an efficient framework to store, retrieve and manage their data with precision and scalability. It allows you to retrieve and manage data with ease, ensuring quick access to critical information.

Society Website

The society website provides members with a platform to manage their profiles, including updating personal information and preferences. Additionally, members can access comprehensive details about upcoming events, including schedules, agendas, and registration information. Furthermore, the website serves as a central hub for accessing important information about the society, such as its mission, objectives, and initiatives. Finally, members have the convenience of downloading their membership certificates directly from the website, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing user experience.


The implementation of A360’s cloud software has brought transformative outcomes for medical associations. The automated workflows for membership processes substantially reduced the time and effort traditionally associated with such tasks. Effective event management through smooth coordination and timely updates contributes significantly to the successful promotion of medical association events.

Furthermore, the MPDMS centralized data management processes, introducing a level of precision and efficiency that improves organizational data handling. A360’s cloud software emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing core challenges and delivering tangible benefits to the operational landscape of medical associations. 

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