Enhancing User Experience with AI integration

Explore how AI integration transformed insurance brokening, enhancing user experience, boosting closure rates, and reducing operational costs for a leading insurance firm.

Product: Individual Medical Tool Web Application


Interactive Insurance Brokers (IIB), an international firm, sought to streamline their insurance brokering process for individual medical plans. Their web application, the Individual Medical Tool, required optimization to enhance user experience and increase closure rates.


The manual plan selection process posed significant challenges, resulting in inefficiencies and sub-optimal plan matches. Agents found themselves spending valuable time and resources navigating through numerous plan options, further exacerbating the issue.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution was devised. This involved integrating AI algorithms into the Individual Medical Tool to automate plan selection. Leveraging AI's ability to learn from past successes and failures, personalised plan recommendations were generated. Additionally, enhancements to the user interface streamlined the quotation creation process for agents, further optimising efficiency.


The successful implementation of these solutions yielded remarkable achievements. Closure rates saw a notable increase, attributed to AI-driven personalised plan recommendations. Agents experienced an enhanced user experience, enabling them to concentrate on deal closure. Furthermore, personalised recommendations based on individual preferences led to the provision of more relevant options, while data-driven insights empowered users to make informed decisions. Additionally, automation of certain aspects of the quotation creation process resulted in operational cost reductions.


As a result of these efforts, AI-driven plan recommendations have ensured relevance and suitability for customers. The efficient quotation creation process has saved time and resources for agents, contributing to improved closure rates and increased customer satisfaction, consequently leading to revenue growth. Moreover, the integration of Generative AI has transformed insurance brokering, establishing a new standard for IIB's services.


With Generative AI, IIB revolutionises insurance brokering, delivering personalised recommendations, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The Individual Medical Tool becomes a powerful asset in IIB's mission to provide exceptional insurance solutions.

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