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Manual & Automated QA

Software testing is a process of assessing the functionality of a software program to identify any gaps, errors, or missing requirements. In other words, it is a quality control process. The main purpose of software testing is to find bugs and errors in the software so that they can be fixed before the product is released to customers. Testing is important because it helps to find errors and ensure that the code works as intended. Testing can be done manually or automatically, and it is an essential part of the software development process.

There are many types of software testing, including unit testing, functional testing, regression testing, and more. Each type of test has its own purpose and methodology.

Unit testing is a form of software testing where individual units of code are tested to ensure they are functioning correctly. This is typically done by the developers as they are writing the code.

Functional testing is a form of testing that ensure the functionality of the software as a whole. This type of test is usually performed by testers who are not familiar with the code.

Regression testing is a type of testing that is used to find bugs that may have been introduced in previous versions of the software. This type of test is typically done after changes have been made to the code.

There are many other types of software testing, such as performance testing, security testing, and more. Each type of test has its own purpose and methodology.

Manual QA

Manual software testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. It is a process that is carried out by humans, rather than by using automated tools.

Manual software testing can be time-consuming and labour-intensive, but it can also be a very effective way to find defects in software. When done properly, manual testing can help to find defects that would be missed by automated testing tools.

Manual software testing is often used in conjunction with automated testing, to get the most comprehensive coverage of a software application. However, manual testing can also be used on its own and can be particularly effective in cases where automated testing is not possible or practical.

Automated QA

Automated software testing is an approach to testing software where tests are run automatically, without the need for manual input. This can be achieved through the use of specialised testing tools, which can be configured to run tests automatically. Automated software testing can provide many benefits, such as improved test coverage, increased efficiency and decreased cost.

Our Process

At Stackmod, the software testing process consists of the following steps:

  1. Planning and preparation. In this stage, the test team defines the scope of testing, develops the test strategy and plans, and prepares the test environment.
  2. Test execution. In this stage, the test team executes the test cases and reports any defects found.
  3. Defect verification and closure. In this stage, the development team investigates the reported defects, verifies them and fixes them. Once all the defects are fixed, the software is ready for release.
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